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UFO Cymbals

UFO Cymbals - Low Volume Cymbal Set

UFO Cymbals - Low Volume Cymbal Set

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UFO Low Volume Cymbals are cymbals made for practice use. They feel and respond like traditional cymbals – all the way from the bell to the edge. They even have some of the same sound characteristics – only at a greatly reduced volume.

These cymbals are fantastic for a small practice kit, or if you want to have the real feel with your e-drums (no triggering offered though). UFO’s also work great for making cymbal stacks with traditional cymbals.

Did we mention that the UFO’s are affordable too?

Hear the difference between a traditional set of cymbals vs the UFO cymbals

The UFO’s are developed to behave like traditional cymbals, only at a reduced volume. This enables you to play like you would normally play – no need to hit harder in order to hear yourself, which makes for a much more relaxed and enjoyable practice session.

The UFO’s are made from durable zinc, and can be purchased in sets or seperately.


* HH 14”, Crash 16” & 18”, Ride 20”

* UFO Cymbal Bag

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