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Stack Ring

Stack Ring - K-Stack

Stack Ring - K-Stack

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 The K-Stack is designed to be placed on the snare drum or mounted to provide a high pitch stack/hi-hat sound. It features a wooden base w/ a track that hugs the rim of a 10”-16” drum with a metal or thin wood hoop, a rubber bottom to prevent the base from sliding, holes underneath that allow them to be mounted via a wood block mount (sold seperately), and wingnuts so you can adjust the sustain!

Maintenance Care and Instructions:

  1. The Kstack has raw steel elements finished with a coat of polyurethane and paste wax. Make sure to keep the instrument dry and if it gets wet, dry it immediately.

  2. If surface imperfections or rust develop, I recommend using a buffing pad, steel wool, or high grit sanding block to remove the corrosion. Then use a bit of Paste Wax or non-water based protective finishing agent to protect the exposed steel.

  3. Do not store the K-Stack zipped in a case or in a damp environment for long periods of time as this can trap moisture and increase the risk of rust developing.

  4. The raw steel we use is very thin and bends easily. If you are concerned about the bends you can bend them back into shape by hand fairly easily. This does not affect the durability of the product.

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