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SIT Strings

SIT Strings - Power Wound Nickel Bass Strings

SIT Strings - Power Wound Nickel Bass Strings

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The SIT String Company Power Wound nickel bass strings have consistently remained the top choice for bassists worldwide, thanks to their exceptional quality and versatility. With a legacy spanning several decades, these round wound bass strings have earned a well-deserved reputation as the industry standard.

Crafted with meticulous precision, each string is expertly wound in Akron, Ohio USA by using the revolutionary SIT LevelWrap formula. This innovative technique ensures that the cover wrap maintains an exact tension throughout the entire string-making process. By meticulously controlling the tension, SIT String Company guarantees optimal playability and tonal consistency.

The Power Wound strings feature a cover wrap that is 8% Nickel-plated steel, providing a nice feel to the string. This not only enhances the string’s longevity but also contributes to its distinctive punchy tone while not losing any warmth. Beneath the cover wrap lies a high carbon steel hex core, which forms the backbone of the string. This high-quality core further enhances the string’s stability, allowing it to withstand the rigors of heavy playing while delivering a powerful low end that resonates with depth and authority.

Elevate your playing to new heights with the SIT String Company Power Wound nickel bass strings—where quality, versatility, and tone converge in perfect harmony.

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