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No Nuts

No Nuts - SizzleNut (12” brass)

No Nuts - SizzleNut (12” brass)

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The SizzleNut takes advantage of our open ended sleeve that no other Sizzler product can offer.  While nothing beats a moody ride with rivets for brushwork or ballads, the SizzleNut is the easiest and fastest riveted cymbal substitute to put into action. 

      Simply place the SizzleNut connector OVER the end of the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve and GO!  You can place it on and off during a song while not missing a beat!

We have sized the SizzleNut chain to 12" so it can drape over a 24" ride.  Just twist  the connector and it will wind up the chain to the desired length.  OR readjust the chain length by changing where the connector is position on the chain.

  • Fits Tightly onto Top of Cymbal Sleeve
  • Chain Length Adjustable
  • Interchangeable Chain Feature
  • Cool Logo Tag :)
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