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MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner - Cleans, Polishes & Protects

MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner - Cleans, Polishes & Protects

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Clean and Protect Your Cymbals

MusicNomad's Cymbal Cleaner is an excellent solution for polishing and protecting your cymbals, whether you're restoring a vintage cymbal or just touching up your kit before a gig or photo shoot. This acid-free, non-caustic cleaning formula cuts through the layers of oxidation on your cast- or sheet-bronze cymbals, and leaves a protective layer that resists further oxidization. The Drummers Friend will agree that cleaning is essential maintenance for your cymbals, and you'll look better onstage, too. Get an amazing cleaning solution that's fast and easy to use with MusicNomad's Cymbal Cleaner.

MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner Features at a Glance:

  • Micro-fine polishing powder for cast- and sheet-bronze cymbals
  • Easily removes built-up oxidation from your cymbals
  • Leaves an invisible protective layer to help prevent further oxidization
  • Proprietary formula contains no caustic chemicals or acids
  • Perfect for polishing your cymbals or restoring vintage cymbals

Clean and protect your cymbals with MusicNomad's Cymbal Cleaner!

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