Fat Cat Snappy Snares Wires 14" 24 Dual-adjustable

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A Tone Tweaker's Delight!

As with all Fat Cat Snappy Snares, the Dual-adjustable model is made from high-carbon steel wire for low-mass sensitivity and features end plates made of stainless steel to resist warping through high tension. But what sets the Fat Cat Snappy Snares Dual-adjustable snares apart are its independent center and side tensions. The middle screw tightens the center section alone, leaving you to tension the sides as you see fit. This is useful if you want to, for instance, give your backbeats the immediate bite of a tight snare but keep the edges loose for the right length of sustain. So if you are still looking for the perfect response from your snare drum, the Fat Cat Snappy Snares Dual-adjustable Snare Wires may be your best bet. 

Fat Cat Snappy Snares Dual-adjustable Snare Drum Wires Features:
  • Center and side sections are tensioned independently
  • Get a crisp attack with the right amount of snare wire sustain
  • Get a slower attack without excessive buzz
  • Pitched ends are ideal for modern, shallow snare beds
  • Made with low-mass, high-carbon steel wires for sensitivity
  • Stainless-steel end plates resist warping
  • FCS14
Command your snare response with the Fat Cat Snappy Snares Dual-adjustable snare wires!