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Cympad Optimizer Set 40/15mm

Cympad Optimizer Set 40/15mm

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Cympads are Shockmounts for Cymbals

With drum technology improving every day, did it ever strike you as odd that we still use the same felt cymbal washers we've used for decades? Cympad saw a way to make cymbals sound and play better: Cympad Optimizers. Their cellular foam construction offers better suspension than felt, which more effectively decouples crashes, splashes, and rides from their stands and mounting arms. The result? A purer cymbal tone and a more natural, more comfortable cymbal sway. If you're experiencing excess stand hum or a choked cymbal tone, The Drummer's Friend recommends taking stock of your stands. It may be time to upgrade to Cympad Optimizers. 

Cympad Optimizer  Set Features:
  • 5-pack of 40mm x 15mm washers provides optimal cymbal support and sound enhancement
  • Improves cymbal tone 
  • Made from premium-grade cellular foam - won't lose shape
  • Decouples cymbals from stands for a purer tone
  • Allows cymbal metals to vibrate naturally for a more comfortable attack
Wake up to better cymbal tone with the Cympad Optimizer Set!
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