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Cympad Chromatics Cymbal Washers (One Piece)

Cympad Chromatics Cymbal Washers (One Piece)

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Cymbal Optimization in a Small Package

Born in Switzerland and loved all over the world, the Cympad Chromatics Series cymbal washers offer a modern alternative to old-fashioned felts. They're made of high-density cellular foam, so they're consistent in size and shape — plus they're super-durable. The Drummer's Friend loves the Cympad Chromatics color options; you can customize the look of your entire cymbal set and achieve better sound and performance at the same time. This Cympad Chromatics washer comes in six colorful, durable foam washers.

One Cympad Chromatics Cymbal Washer Features:

  • 1 washers of 40mm x 15mm provides optimal cymbal support and sound enhancement
  • Uniform in shape and size for consistency in cymbal positioning and tone
  • High-density cellular foam won't compress over time like old-fashioned felt washers
  • Available in a variety of colors so you can customize your whole cymbal set
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