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Los Cabos Drumsticks

Los Cabos Drumsticks - Fixed Wire Brushes (pair)

Los Cabos Drumsticks - Fixed Wire Brushes (pair)

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Super-comfortable, Articulate Fixed Wire Brushes

Los Cabos Fixed Wire brushes deliver outstanding durability that few can match, even among the many fine brushes The Drummer's Friend offers. The fixed wires provide a crisp and articulate sound across the kit; the brushes come with a super-comfortable wood handle. Like all Los Cabos products, this wire brushes are engineered for resilience and longevity, ensuring a consistently dependable playing experience and a great return on your investment. Ready to tap into the Los Cabos difference? Grab a pair of Los Cabos Fixed Wire Brushes from The Drummer's Friend today.


Tech Specs

  • Type:Brushes
  • Material: Red Hickory
  • Model: Wood Handle
  • Tip Material:Wire
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