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Aquarian Drumheads

Aquarian Drumheads - Super Mesh Drumhead

Aquarian Drumheads - Super Mesh Drumhead

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Quiet, Durable Mesh Head — for Acoustic or Electronic Kits

Aquarian's breathable Super-Mesh drumheads deliver responsive performance with very little output. These are the perfect replacements for your electronic kit's mesh-headed drum shells and a smart way to reduce volume for practice and conversion kits. Super-Mesh heads are made from a durable, quality woven mesh material that offers a satisfying and long-lasting playing experience, with a meaty give at lower tensions and plenty of rebound tuned high. So even if you like your snare cranked and bass and tom heads swampy, the Super-Mesh delivers in a way that few other heads can. The Super-Mesh series also features Aquarian's patented Safe-T-Loc Hoop for better head seating and streamlined tuning. Whether you're refreshing an electronic kit or creating your first hybrid, Aquarian Super-Mesh heads from The Drummer's Friend have the feedback and low volume to take you where you need to go.

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