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Aquarian Drumheads

Aquarian Drumheads - Response 2 Clear Drumhead

Aquarian Drumheads - Response 2 Clear Drumhead

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Aquarian's Most Versatile 2-ply Drumhead

Aquarian's most versatile 2-ply head, the Response 2, infuses your toms and kick drums with power, projection, and a pure tone. Aquarian likens this head to another classic 2-ply clear batter head heard on countless rock tracks throughout the recording age. Indeed, the Response 2's crisp attack and overtone control help drums translate into close mics, giving you the durability and sensitivity you demand without the overring. Multi-ply vacuum tuning eliminates air pockets and dead spots that can plague traditional 2-ply heads. And Aquarian's patented Safe-T-Loc Hoop resists slipping, pulling, and detuning for consistency and dependability. Love that 2-ply tom and kick tone? Check out Aquarian Response 2 drumheads from The Drummer's Friend.

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