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The Guitar Strap Co. Mack Daddy Series | Mack Daddy 427


We've all seen those cars where you think to yourself, "Rich bastard is just over compensating for something else." Now you too can trigger the insecurities of others with the Mack Daddy 427 from The Guitar Strap Co.

Designed to mimic the athstetic grace of the AC Cobra, the 427 will have your friends and complete strangers throwing so much shade you'll think there was an eclipse.

Fashioned from ethically sourced, 100% high quality leather, the 427 has beautifully curved lines, stunning blue and white colour contrast, thick padding and reinforced double stitching for lasting quality. This is your bad boy for life. Cobalt Blue Leather Body with Double White Stitching

Stitched in Two White Leather Race Stripes, Support Stitching Around All Holes, White Leather Diamond Padded Backing.

Material: 100% Genuine Leather 

Width: 6.5cm

Length: 129cm extending to 155cm