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Aquarian Ice White Reflector

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The AQUARIAN ICE WHITE REFLECTOR drumheads feature a new 2 Ply Hybrid Film combination that enhances the stick attack when played at higher volumes. Like Aquarian's original two-ply Reflector Heads that were introduced in 2017, the ICE WHITE REFLECTORS are meant to be played hard, fast and with emotion!

The hybrid mix of Aquarian’s 2 unique drumhead films makes ICE WHITE REFLECTOR heads both durable and musical.The bottom ply uses Aquarian's 10mil WHITE drumhead film which is denser, stiffer and brighter than our standard material. The top layer uses Aquarian’s clear 7 mil drumhead film that is more pliable for warmth.

The reflective white playing surface that adds even more of the player's personality to the performance. The Aquarian patented Safe-T-Loc Hoop makes for a quick and easy tune-up every time.

These heads reflect the passion and emotion of those who love to play with a wide range of dynamics; warm and musical at low volume; focused, articulate and deliberate when played hard; Clean and clear when played fast! Available in 6”-26” sizes

  • Durable
  • 2-Ply -10/7- Hybrid Film Combination
  • Controlled Resonance
  • Available in Tom, Snare Drum, and Superkick Models
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