Hector Marcano

Hector "Jowe" Marcano is a puertorican drummer from Carolina, Puerto Rico. Starting to play drums at his 4 years old at his church. At 18 years, he became a professional christian drummer in his country, playing CCM (worship), gospel and rap music. He perform in live shows, studio recording and of course in his church. His talent and charisma open for him doors, like been artist of Diril Cymbals, Los Cabos Drumsticks,  Nonuts Cymbals Sleeves Artist and Snareweight.

He has worked with christian artists  like Eldrick, Adao Myles, Onell Diaz, Egleyda Belliard, Edison Quiñonez, Viviendo a Sus Pies and others. Since his 18 years old he has been touring around his country, blessing others with his talent. One of his most big work was a Live Recording Concert with Adao Myles for his album, where  14 songs was recorded in one night. 

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